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gb Libraries Single-file public domain libraries for C & C++ 2015- Dunjun This project will be documenting and demonstrating the 2015- development of making a game from scratch1! Every step of the game development process and every line of code will be explained thoroughly. 1With minimal libraries such as GLEW, GLFW (Pre Day 73), SDL2 (Post Day 73), and the STB libraries. gingerBill Search The on-again—off-again project for an "intelligent" software 2007-2014 assistant. It aggregates information from numerous websites and displays it in an easy to view experience. The initial version was created by and named after (the vain git) me, Ginger Bill, in 2007 as a front-end wrapper for Google. It just gathered the results from Google and extracted the most relevant information. Google now does a very similar thing but it did not at the time. In the autumn of 2012 as a little project, I tried to create a replacement to popular Software Assistants but not a fully fledge search engine. Mainly because I wanted something that could be extendible and to learn how to do it. The project is not available at the moment due to numerous reasons but it will probably be back in some form or another.


2015-08-19 A Defer Statement For C++11

Ludum Dare Games

My entries for the Ludum Dare 48 hour competition: The Present Ludum Dare 27 - You Only Get One Flipside Ludum Dare 30 - Connected Worlds Tale of a Mad Mage Ludum Dare 33 - You are the Monster Web (HTML5) - Warning: Sound was hacked together (I didn't know how the library worked) and is very loud and only in one ear.